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My office gets calls often from people who can get a divorce in Tennessee on their own.  How's that work you ask?


The Tennessee Supreme Court has developed forms for people who have VERY SIMPLE issues to be able to get a divorce. 


Here's how it works, if:

  1. One or both of you lived in Tennessee for at least the past six (6) months OR you lived in Tennessee when you decided to divorce;
  2. The wife is not pregnant now;
  3. You both want to end your marriage and can agree on the terms in which to do that;
  4. You don’t own buildings or land or a business together or have retirement benefits; AND
  5. You can agree on alimony, how to divide your property and will both sign a divoce agreement.

So, if the above apply, you can use the forms developed by the court which are found HERE if no kids and HERE if there are kids so you can petition your local county court for a divorce.  You will still have to pay any applicable filing fees with the court.


Should you and your spouse decide to go this route and want an attorney to look over the forms, we can do that for a fee.  But understand, these forms are designed to be used with no attorney involvement.

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