Zale Dowlen, Attorney & Counselor at Law (615) 497-0763
Zale Dowlen, Attorney & Counselor at Law                       (615) 497-0763

Mr. Dowlen

What you really want to know:

As an attorney, I strive to bring peace to situations where people have found chaos.  Sometimes bringing peace comes through having to have a trial.  Sometimes bringing peace comes through encouraging individuals to find a "happy middle ground".  This is how my practice of law connects with my faith.


What you may care less about, but still need to know:

I am a licensed (#026816) Tennessee Attorney. I spend much of my time assisting, consulting and counseling clients with Injury, Family, Church, Probate and Juvenile Law cases.  


Before becoming an attorney, I spent over a decade as an insurance adjuster handling injury, property damage, and coverage claims for several major insurance companies. 


I have my Law degree from the Nashville School of Law, a Master's degree in Business Administration from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, and a Bachelor's degree in Bible and Youth Ministry from Harding University. I also have an Associate In Claims designation from the The Institutes. I have completed both  Alliance Defending Freedom's basic and advanced National Litigation Academies.


I am a Christian attorney who is an active participant with Compassionate Counsel, providing free legal advice to the less fortunate.  I am active in the Christian Legal Society.


I find that often people going through legal issues have a hard time balancing their legal issues and with their Christian faith.  One difference you will find with me is that I am generally able to counsel individuals through their legal matter from a Biblical perspective. 


Feel free to give me a call at (615) 497-0763 if you have a legal question on your mind.

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