Zale Dowlen, Attorney (615) 497-0763
Zale Dowlen, Attorney   (615) 497-0763

Meet Mr. Dowlen

Mr. Zale Dowlen is a licensed Tennessee attorney who spends much of his time assisting clients with injury, family and juvenile cases.  


Before becoming an attorney, he spent over a decade as an insurance adjuster handling injury, property damage, and coverage claims for several major insurance companies. 


He has his law degree from the Nashville School of Law, a Master's in Business Administration from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, a Bachelor's in Bible and Youth Ministry from Harding University, and an Associate In Claims designation from the American Institute for CPCU aka The Institutes. He has completed  Alliance Defending Freedom's basic and advanced National Litigation Academies and is an active Allied Honor Corps Attorney. 


Mr. Dowlen is Christian attorney who is an active participant with Compassionate Counsel, providing free legal advice to the less fortunate and homeless.  He is active in the Christian Legal Society. He also speaks to churches and pastors regarding their legal issues and concerns.


Often people going through litigation have a hard time justifying litigation with their Christian faith.  One difference you will find with Mr. Dowlen is that he is able to counsel you through your legal matter from a traditional Biblical perspective.


So, feel free to give him a call at (615) 497-0763 if you have a legal question on your mind.

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