Zale Dowlen, Attorney & Counselor at Law (615) 497-0763
Zale Dowlen, Attorney & Counselor at Law                       (615) 497-0763

Pro Bono / Free Legal Services

Sometimes people believe that "Christian Attorney" means "Free attorney".  These people do not understand scripture when it comes to paying for services rendered.  


'For the Scriptures have taught us: “Do not muzzle an ox or forbid it to eat while it grinds the grain.” And also, “The one who labors deserves his wages.”' I Timothy 5:18 TPT


Mr. Dowlen's ministry comes from his knowledge of scripture, his knowledge and experience with the law and courts and his heart to help people. 


If you simply want legal answers and you do not believe that you can afford any payment, please visit the website of Compassionate Counsel for a free legal clinic near you.


If you want to discuss a legal issue and you recognize that everyone needs to pay something, even if its a reduced rate, feel free to call (615) 497-0763 to talk to Mr. Dowlen, a licensed Tennessee attorney.  


The initial half (1/2) hour consultation is always free and credit cards are accepted. 

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