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Phone or Text: (615) 497-0763

Estate Planning


What Mr. Dowlen tries to accomplish for clients is not just document drafting, but it's legacy planning from a God honoring, Kingdom perspective.


"Brilliant ideas pay off and bring you prosperity, but making hasty, impatient decisions will only lead to financial loss."  Proverbs 21:5 TPT


Estate Planning is simply planning for the future.  It's being proactive in taking care of your family and your personal affairs.  Estate Planning is not difficult.


Mr. Dowlen assists clients in their Estate Planning and Legacy needs.  This includes Wills, Power of Attorney, Living Wills, Trusts and counselling regarding insurance and retirement related issues.  Mr. Dowlen is also licensed to assist you with Life Insurance, Medicare Supplements or Annuity needs.


Mr. Dowlen also handles in court issues such as Estate and Conservatorship cases.


If you want to discuss your Estate Planning needs or if you have a case that needs to go through Probate, feel free to give him a call.



Estate Planning Initial Questionnaire
If you would like for Mr. Dowlen to assist you with your Will and Estate Planning needs, feel free to complete this form and email it to him. Please note that simply because you complete and return this to him, it does not automatically mean he represents you.
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