Phone or Text: (615) 497-0763
Phone or Text: (615) 497-0763

Legal Consulting & Counseling

Mr. Dowlen has worked as an Attorney, an Insurance Adjuster, and a Ministry Leader.  He has degrees in Bible, Business and Law.  He has managed his own business for years.  He has worked in ministry.  He has a wife and three (3) children. 


While people often have legal questions, it is also common for them to to simply need general life answers more than they need litigation, Mr. Dowlen can offer that. 


Others may simply need assistance with certain elements of representing themselves.  This is often referred to "unbundled legal services" or "limited scope representation".  Mr. Dowlen can assist you with that as well.


Mr. Dowlen's Christian perspectives from the legal, business and faith areas are unique.  If you simply need Legal Consulting and/or Legal Counseling as to how your choices and decisions could effect your life, your church, your family and those around you, he can help.


Feel free to give him a call and discuss the issues you are facing.

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